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Endangered Animals Show

This is an online show to raise consciousness for endangered species. Digital images juried in are “I See You”, “Pretty Girl”, and “Who Are You?”. To help contact: Dr Lindsey Matheson Founder ENDANGERED: Art for Apes Web: Twitter: @art4apes Facebook: Instagram:

Sheila Fein Illustrator

How cool is this site manager for to be putting my work up during this pandemic. I am in the company of amazing artists here. If you need me contact me:)) Best! Sheila Fein…/ #sheilafeinart #sheilafeinfantasypop Sheila Fein Fantasy Pop

Holidays are coming order my book “Mama Graciela’s Secret” illustrated by Sheila Fein

Go to For Summer Reading! Barnes and Nobel or Amazon Sharing a review: By HYPERLINK “” Kritika Bibliophileon December 18, 2017 I have always maintained that I look for two elements in a children’s book. One, how well the book endears itself to the little readers, and two, the message that it puts across. […]