Holidays are coming order my book “Mama Graciela’s Secret” illustrated by Sheila Fein

Go to For Summer Reading! Barnes and Nobel or Amazon Sharing a review: By HYPERLINK “” Kritika Bibliophileon December 18, 2017 I have always maintained that I look for two elements in a children’s book. One, how well the book endears itself to the little readers, and two, the message that it puts across. […]

Play Is the Thing

In my opinion play is the key to all the arts. Get the critique off your shoulders to create. When everyone is playing at the same time, the adult feels safe. Sheila Fein Play Is the Thing Young children hold the keys to understanding the fundamentals of acting. By Vincent Sagona December 2, 2011 […]

The Art of Fashion

As a child in my room I spent endless hours drawing shoes and clothes. It was my greatest joy to describe them in  detail. The advertising, the music, and the art of the 60’s  set my creative self on fire. Peter Max was my greatest influence at that time.  Below is an article I found […]