The Art of Fashion

s a child in my room I spent endless hours drawing shoes and clothes. It was my greatest joy to describe them in  detail. The advertising, the music, and the art of the 60’s  set my creative self on fire. Peter Max was my greatest influence at that time. 

Below is an article I found on the relevance of the artist in the world of fashion. I believe it has always been a two way street.

“There has always been a close connection between fashion and fine art, but many people are not aware of the enormous impact art has had on fashion in recent years. This fascinating topic was recently addressed by Charles McGrath of the NY Times and forms the focus of the cover article of the 27th issue of ARTisSpectrum. In Pomp & Exaltation: The Influence of Fine Art on Fashion, the reader can get a sense of the endless possibilities that such a collaboration can create and of the marvelous innovations it has already sparked.”

The Mod World by Sheila Eisenberg